The Key Ring Story.

From scrappy startup to market leader.

It all started with an idea. Tired of carrying around a wallet full of plastic cards for all the loyalty programs he’d joined while traveling for business, Chris Fagan began looking for a solution. He wanted something that would allow him to enjoy the perks of enrolling in as many rewards programs as possible, without requiring him to add anything extra to his wallet.

A longtime veteran of the technology industry, Fagan knew immediately that the solution to his problem was in mobile. Leveraging barcode scanning technology, Fagan launched the first version of Key Ring on the Android marketplace in June 2009.

Based on the immediate response and consumer demand for the app, Chris knew he was onto to something big. In its first year on the market, Key Ring had 400,000 installs. That number quickly grew to 1 million, and stood at more than 10 million just four years later.

Since that time, Key Ring has evolved from a basic mobile wallet for loyalty cards into a total shopping solution, providing consumers with access to exclusive deals from their favorite retailers and CPG brands.