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Key Ring supports a ton of retailers, somewhere around 700, however given the fact there are literally thousands of other cards/retailers out there we’ve decided to build a feature that allows you add custom logos for any card you want!  For example, add the logo for your local gym, library, coffee shop, grocery store etc.  You can also customize existing logos that Key Ring provides.  For example, use a picture of your dog for your PetSmart card. We’ve received well over 100,000 emails (not kidding) requesting to additional retailers so we’re pretty confident this will be a well received feature.

Please note you’ll need to have a Key Ring account to use this feature.  You can create an account at any time by downloading Key Ring on your android or iPhone device and registering within the app.  Soon, you’ll be able to create an account online as well.

Step 1. Login to

login screen

Step 2. Select “Customize Logo” from the Card Manager home screen or “Edit Logo” from the card view

select customize logo from card manager view

select edit logo from view card

Step 3. Upload the logo/picture you’d like to use

upload pic

Step 4. Crop the picture and then select “Finish”

crop pic

Step 5. Sync your phone so the custom logo will appear

sync cards

You’re done! Check out the customized card on your phone!

bert post edit v2
bertorama card