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We’re happy to announce Key Ring now supports credit and debit card linked offers.  Our solution allows your customers to instantly redeem coupons by linking their debit /credit cards to your offers.

• Track purchase history
• Provide % off or $ off discounts in real-time
• Set minimum thresholds on redemption such as time of day OR  minimum purchase amount
• Reward customers for frequency
• No POS integration required
• Notify users of new offers via push notifications, SMS, or Email
• Coupons can be distributed to millions of Key Ring users using our advanced location based services or your customers can simply link them via the mobile web by visiting a unique URL

We’ll begin sending Credit / Debit card linked offers for a variety of national retailers starting this summer 2012.  If you’re interested making credit/debit card linked offers available for your customers please feel free to reach out.

~ The Key Ring Team