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UPDATE 3/23/2012 4pm CST The widget bug went a little deeper than we thought. If you use the widget please update to the latest market release which is 5.5.1. Thank you for your patience!

Last night we released version 5.5 of our Android app in the Android Market, errrr Google Play Apps.

If you have the widget installed and are using a previous version there’s good news and bad news. Good news is that we fixed the widget so that the cards are sorted alphabetically. Bad news is that when you update the app the widget becomes invalid and you get a force close message.

The fix is simple, remove and re-add the widget to your home screen & it will work again. Also, the app only crashes upon completion of the update. The app itself will open and operate normally.

Sorry about this. We’re looking for a way to gracefully handle the widget code update, but in the mean time we wanted to get this out there.