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REI recently announced that they have decided to try a new social media strategy.  Instead of casting tweets out to the masses, they’ve decided to create 53 new twitter handles, one for each market.  The idea is to empower local store managers to start engaging with people in their own backyard as apposed to HQ dictating the conversation.  Imagine that, relevant content based on your location.  Makes sense to us.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time over the past year designing and building a system that allows each store to do their own independent marketing, i.e. LSM (local store marketing). Using the Key Ring business portal any retailer can send targeted offers to their users based on location.  Better yet, any store manager can have access to the tool to manage their member database, create targeted offers, and then instantly distribute the offer to their user base.  If corporate is concerned with the integrity of the brand, an approval process can be implemented which gives corporate the right to approve or reject each offer sent by a franchisee and/or store manager.  Imagine having the capability to send an offer to targeting group of users letting them know that 20% of Wednesdays sales will be donated to the local High School Booster Club.

Sending relevant content is key to engaging with your audience.  Location is a simple yet powerful way to filter content to make your connection that much more meaningful.  If you’re not using Key Ring’s location based features today, feel free to reach out and we’d be happy to provide a demo.