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Exciting news Key Ring fans – we are adding many new businesses everyday. Do you know of, work for, or own a business that would like to join the Key Ring Business Platform? We are pleased to announce that we’ve opened up a few more slots for the Key Ring Beta Program.

Why participate?

1. You get to use the entire Key Ring Business Platform for FREE

2. You’ve been looking for a way to create a loyalty program for your business

3. You want to make your current loyalty program more successful

4. You want to increase membership in your loyalty program

5. You want to communicate with your customers & get feedback in real time

6. You want to develop profiles of your best, most loyal customers

7. You want to drive customers to your business with the intent to buy

8. You love Key Ring and want to share it with more people

9. Your customers are already using (and sometimes asking for) Key Ring

10. You’ll look smart for bringing an innovative and effective mobile solution to the table

The number of spots we have open is limited so jump quick if you are interested. Contact Addi Hall ( if you want to sign up for 3 free months of the Key Ring Business Platform or if you have any other questions.