Retailers and marketers, the game has changed. The way in which loyalty programs are deployed, managed, and ultimately used by the end consumers has changed for the better. This presents a wealth of opportunities for you as the marketer. Let us help you deploy your mobile loyalty strategy.

Why Partner With Us?

The digital age. 4 billion people in the world carry a cell phone, and guess what? Phones are made for more than just talking! Consumers are tired of carrying around loyalty cards, but they love the perks. Solution: digitize loyalty cards.

No more waste! Let’s face it; printing is expensive and wasteful. Consumers love discount programs, but they’re tired of being inundated with tons of print marketing material at the cost of the environment. Be smart, go GREEN.

The bottom line. Times are tough and every dollar spent needs to be a dollar well spent. We guarantee the money spent leveraging our services is cheaper and more efficient than the way your loyalty programs are currently being utilized.

Now. Consumers are rallied around their favorite mobile devices. It’s time to follow the consumers lead and start delivering your brand the easy way ~ digitally. Android, iPhone, and Blackberry are leading the charge.

The Key Ring™ Approach

We have a flexible 3 pronged approach to get your brand where it needs to be, in front of your most valuable consumers real-time!

  1. Real-time marketing. Leverage our location based services to deliver targeted offers in real-time!
  2. Analytics. Take a data driven approach to creating efficient, relevant, and timely marketing campaigns.
  3. Mobile enrollment. Increase your loyalty footprint by participating in our mobile loyalty enrollment program. If you don’t have an existing program, we’ll create one for you.

Please reach out to for more info.