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There are a couple scenarios that may cause your barcodes to go missing. For example, deleting files from the froogloid folder on your SD card, network errors when adding cards etc. The good thing is we’ve added a couple of VERY simple options in the latest android build (version 2.2 released 7/9/10) that will fix missing logos and barcodes.

With that said, there is a chance that if added an “Other” barcoded retailer by scanning a barcode (instead of manually typing in the barcode number) your barcode may not restore.  We had a bug on a couple of versions that caused those cards to get corrupted.  If you can’t get the barcode to restore just delete that card and re-add it.  Going forward with the latest version that should never happen.

How to fix missing barcodes and logos on your android phone:

Option 1. Open Key Ring, view the Key Ring home screen > select the menu button > select “more” > select “Restore Barcodes and Logos”.   You’re cards will be instantly restored.

restore barcodes and logos buttonrefreshing cards v2

Option 2. If you have a Key Ring account and you’re logged in, open Key Ring, view the Key Ring home screen > select the menu button > select “My Account” > “Sync”.  You can also use the “Restore Barcodes and Logos” menu option.  Both options will work the same.

sync cards