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Hi folks, we have an excellent  update to share.  Version 2.1 of Key Ring for iPhone was approved today.  It sounds like a “standard” update, but believe me it isn’t.  After getting the original 1.0 version approved for iPhone in May 2010 we decided we weren’t 100% happy.  So, we decided to bring on an iPhone and web guru to our team, Brit Gardner, to completely rebuild Key Ring the way it should be.  Brit did a fantastic job and we’re excited about the latest release.  Below I’ve provided a few updated screenshots and list of new features.

New Features:

♦ Now supports scanning ITF barcodes (American Eagle, anthropologie etc)
♦ Embedded twitter and blog feed so you can track the latest Key Ring news and updates real-time.  It’s also great for customer support.
♦ View the tips video natively within Key Ring
♦ New account page
♦ New UI for adding and editing cards
♦ Improved Key Ring icon
♦ New welcome page

    Now that we have a very stable version in production stay tuned for many new features!  This is only the beginning! :)