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Team Key Ring is very excited to announce the release of our patent pending Key Ring app for iPhone!  We’ve been working hard on this product to ensure it was by far above and beyond better than any similar application in the iPhone app store.   Here’s a few of the distinguishing features:

  • Barcode Scanning ~ Users with 3Gs devices and above have the ability to add barcode cards by scanning their barcode instead of manually typing.  Our scanner supports 90% + of loyalty card barcode formats such as EAN13, EAN8, UPCA, UPCA, Code128, and Code39.
  • Card Backup ~ worried about losing your cards?  Don’t be!  If you register by providing an email and password, all of your cards will be remotely backed up.  All you have to do to restore your cards is sign-in.  It’s that easy.
  • Account Sharing ~ You can login to your Key Ring account on any iPhone device that has Key Ring installed.  Sometime next week you’ll be able to login on any android device to restore cards.  This will help ensure cards shared within families etc can be used on multiple phones.
  • Small App File Size ~ 885 kb.

This is only the beginning, stay tuned for many new features that will save you $$$!

Here’s a few screenshots: