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World’s #1 Mobile Shopping App to Use Beacons to Provide Consumers with Valuable Content as They Shop

DALLAS and LOS ANGELES – May 12, 2014 – Key Ring, part of G/O Digital — a Gannett company that delivers leading mobile solutions — has become the first utility shopping app to add beacon in-store technology. Key Ring has joined the inMarket Mobile to Mortar™ (M2M) beacon platform that personalizes the in-store shopping experience for shoppers, retailers and brands.

The addition of the beacon platform enhances Key Ring’s position as the #1 mobile shopping app providing on-the-go, mobile access to interactive shopping list development and digital promotions from 160 retailers representing more than 2,000 loyalty programs in 27 retail categories. Key Ring users have also uploaded more than 50 million loyalty cards across industries from retail to airlines, grocery, and restaurants. Together, Key Ring and inMarket offer an unparalleled combination of individualized promotional content delivered through mobile, driving real-time in-store engagement and action among shoppers.

inMarket’s Mobile to Mortar™ (M2M) — the world’s largest beacon platform — enables phones to recognize immediate surroundings in “smart locations” and awaken content when shoppers need it, adding concierge value to the retail experience. inMarket’s beacons use proprietary, secure Bluetooth Low Energy and geofencing to provide apps with a new level of micro-location awareness. Combined with Key Ring’s loyalty graph data that monitors millions of in-store transactions a month, this technology creates a cutting edge shopper marketing solution providing advertisers with unfettered access to shoppers in-store. In less than 4 months since launch, over 40 million shoppers are reachable on the M2M network through beacon-capable apps.

“There are several types of shoppers in a store at any given moment, from coupon chasers and loyalty point collectors to list-makers and speed shoppers,” said Todd Dipaola, CEO and co-founder of inMarket. “We’re empowering the best shopping apps in the world to reach consumers in new ways. Key Ring invented this category and set the standard for success. Chris’s vision is to make shoppers’ lives easier by digitizing dozens of physical cards, coupons and sales circulars that clutter our wallets and purses. Together, we are taking the next step. Loyalty cards and store deals will effortlessly appear when needed.”

The integration of cutting edge beacon technology into Key Ring allows brands and advertisers to not only reach shoppers at the point of purchase but provide consumers with valuable content as they shop. Branded content will be seamlessly combined with the shopping toolkit to drive purchases in-store.

“We’ve been on the leading edge of helping advertisers target consumers who shop in specific stores, and beacons have created a tremendous new opportunity for advertisers to reach these customers” said Chris Fagan, CEO and founder of Key Ring. “Shoppers will benefit from hyper-relevant content based on proximity, while brands and retailers receive unprecedented access to the path-to-purchase as well as data that allows them to track campaign performance.”


Key Ring and inMarket collaborated earlier this year when CEOs Dipaola and Fagan shared the stage at SXSW to discuss “Context is King: iBeacons and the Internet of Places.”

inMarket launched in 2010 and has recently made history with a series of beacon firsts: First multi-retailer beacon network in the world; first beacon campaign for a CPG brand (McCormick’s); and first media company to leverage beacons (Conde Nast). Mobile to Mortar™ is the latest addition to inMarket’s original mobile in-store marketing platform, which has driven millions of consumer product engagements in the aisles of two million stores for the past four years.

High-res images: inMarket Mobile to Mortar™ Press Pack

About inMarket

inMarket runs the world’s largest mobile shopper marketing platform, and has built the world’s largest beacon network via its Mobile to Mortar™ (M2M) platform for shopping apps. By reaching the #1 purchasing demographic — often referred to as the “lost generation” by traditional media —  inMarket’s unique model delivers engagement when it matters most and dramatically lifts branded purchases. Clients such as Coca-Cola, Kraft, Levi’s, Nestlé, and Procter & Gamble have launched hundreds of successful in-store campaigns with inMarket. M2M beacon-capable apps include Key Ring, Epicurious, ShopSavvy, CheckPoints and List Ease.  For more information about inMarket, please

About Key Ring

Key Ring, part of G/O Digital, a Gannett Company (GCI), delivers leading mobile solutions to attract, engage and reward customers. The #1 shopping app for consumers, Key Ring has more than 10 million downloads and more than 50 million loyalty cards uploaded across industries from retail to airlines, grocery and restaurants. Key Ring also provides shoppers with on-the-go, mobile access to interactive shopping list development and digital promotions from 160 retailers representing more than 2,000 loyalty programs in 27 retail categories. Key Ring leverages its cutting edge technology and expansive user base to drive in-store transactions, increase customer engagement, digitize loyalty programs for retailers, and promote CPG products to hyper-targeted audiences. For more information about Key Ring, visit