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Do you want to work on an established, top-tier mobile app? Join us! Key Ring, a Gannett company, is the leading mobile shopping solution. We’re revolutionizing Loyalty and Rewards programs by helping millions of users save time and money through our smartphone app. We also help hundreds of companies attract loyal customers, analyze customer data, and simplify their shopping experience through our digital marketing capabilities.

Areas of Focus:

  • Iterating on a popular A-tier Android application, Key Ring Reward Cards
  • Extending Key Ring to the tablet. This includes taking the lead on design and development for a series of innovative new features.
  • Improving reliability, speed, and usability of the app
  • Customizing the native controls for a good balance between unique branding and platform idioms
  • Leading research and development of new and upcoming technologies (e.g. Near Field Communication, Payment Processing, etc.)

You’ll be joining a small, close-knit group of like-minded developers and entrepreneurs. We are looking for people who know that the way to get better is working with others at the top of their game. Work here is collaborative and cross-functional. You’ll get to enjoy the fun of working at a fast moving startup backed by the stability of a Fortune 500 company. Salary and compensation will be competitive.


  • Experience with published Android apps
  • Strong understanding of Android development and publishing toolchain
  • Experience with asynchronous, non-blocking HTTP communication with a web API
  • The ability to customize controls and functionality while keeping true to the native guidelines/idioms.
  • Bonus: demonstrate the ability to move up and down the stack including database, web, and AWS environments.
  • Be assertive. Be inquisitive.

Interested? Contact rossbates [at]