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Want to carry all those great deals you found in the Sunday newspaper with you to the store? The sales you find in the newspaper are now readily available on your mobile shopping app, Key Ring. Our newest feature lets you browse weekly sales, add sale items to your lists and set reminders so that you don’t forget to pick them up. Pretty handy, huh? You’ll never miss a good deal again. The first step is to subscribe to your favorite stores. Here’s how to get started:

Mobile ShoppingMobile Shopping 1

Click on the newspaper icon located on the menu bar. For all of you Android users, the menu bar is located at the top of the screen. If you’re an iPhone user, the menu bar is located at the bottom of the screen. Wondering why you aren’t seeing any sales popping up? That’s because you haven’t added any of your favorite retailers yet. If you have added the loyalty card for a retailer that has a Weekly Sale, Key Ring will automatically subscribe you to that retailer. To add a retailer, click the giant “+” button. Note that the top of the screen is detecting your current location. In an effort to simplify your experience, Key Ring only pulls up sales in your area. If you want to change your location, click the bar.

Mobile ShoppingMobile Shopping 1

Now you’re at the exciting part- choosing your favorite retailers. Browse through our list of retailers and add your favorites. When you’re finished, scroll down and click the orange “Done Selecting” button.

Mobile ShoppingMobile Shopping 1

Time to start perusing through the deals of the week. For example, we’ll check out Target’s sale by clicking on the Target button. Note that you can view weekly sale items as either a full page or a list of items. To view as a full page, click ‘pages’. To view items in a list select ‘items’. To view item details while in page view, select the magnifying glass near the item you would like to view.

Mobile ShoppingMobile Shopping 1 Mobile Shopping 1

Not only can you browse through weekly sales, you also have the ability to set reminders and add items to your mobile shopping lists. Worried you might forget about a good deal at Target? Selecting “remind me” will give you the option to either send yourself an email or add it to your calendar.

Mobile Shopping
Mobile Shopping 1 Mobile Shopping 1

Want to add it to your list? Click the “Add to list” button and then select which list you’d like to add it to. It’s as simple as that!

Weekly sales are updated on a regular basis. Don’t forget to click on the weekly sales icon regularly to make sure you’re not missing any great offers. We’re always open to hearing your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to reach out to us by visiting