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The time has come to update Key Ring in a big way. We’re constantly thinking about ways to improve the app, and we are always listening to what our users have to say. We love that you, our user base, is so engaged and always recommending new features. As great as some of the recommendations have been, we’ve opted not to include a celebrity gossip section or countdown to the top 100 greatest hairbands.  Instead, we’ve focused this update on giving you, the shopper, more tools to complete your shopping trips, faster and thriftier than before.  Here’s an overview of what’s new:

New User Interface: As much as we all loved the woodgrain, we decided to park that station wagon for good.  You’ll notice a new simple to navigate tabbed layout with easier to read buttons and fonts.

Updated Join Programs Section: Most of you probably didn’t even realize you could join new loyalty programs in Key Ring.   With the new design we’ve made this process easier and much faster.

New Offers Section: “More coupons” is what you said.  We listened, and you’ll be happy to know you can now find coupons for many national retailers. Check out “All Offers” to discover money saving coupons for stores in your area, not just for the loyalty cards that you’ve added to the app.   Soon even local business will have their coupons in Key Ring (stay tuned).  As an added bonus, you can now set reminders for coupons so you never miss a deal.

Weekly Sales: You may remember that back in September we announced supporting weekly sales in Key Ring.  That experiment worked out so well that we quickly figured out that you wanted to view everyone’s sales, not just those for the loyalty programs you’re a member of.  Going forward, you’ll now be able to view weekly sales for all retailers in your zip code.  If the Sunday paper was on your phone, it would look like the new weekly sales section of Key Ring.

Shopping Lists: It doesn’t sound like a sexy feature, but trust us, it is.  In fact, every member of Key Ring has fallen in love with this feature.  Create a shopping list and share it with friends and family.  Everyone can make edits to the same list.  Add coupons and items from the weekly sales section to a list.   Need your husband to pick up a specific type of butter?  Take a picture and tag it to the item.   It’s so simple, it works.