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No doubt we’re living in an interesting time.  Technology is moving at an amazingly fast pace and marketers are doing their best to stay ahead of the latest trends.  Considering the advances in the smartphone technology, mobile is a subject that’s top of mind for almost any brand or retailer.  Most retailers are asking themselves, “how can we leverage mobile as an effective channel to connect with our customers in a meaningful way.”  The short answer is, there isn’t one right answer.  Unfortunately though, most markers knee-jerk reaction is to create their own app which can be a very costly mistake.  Instead, investigate ways you can connect with your customers without having to build your own platform.

From time to time a retailer will respond to using the Key Ring platform with, “we already have an app, why would we need to use Key Ring.”  Depending on the retailer, the value proposition varies, but in general Key Ring works well for most retailers for the following reasons:

  1. Lot’s of your consumers are already using Key Ring.  Why?   Because we have a very powerful value proposition to the consumer ~ consolidate your cards into one place, join new programs, and receive offers.  Just as consumers do not want to carry a loyalty card for every retailer, nor do they want to download another app.  It’s really that simple.  Yes, some of your most loyal of loyal consumers will download your app but then you have to ask yourself, how often are they using it? App market rankings are based on number of installs, frequency of use, and user ratings.  Take a look at the android market and you’ll notice there isn’t one retailer branded app in the top 10.  Instead, you’ll find apps that consolidate content from various retailers (i.e. Key Ring).  Go where the consumer is!
  2. Using Key Ring is MUCH more cost effective than building your own app.  First of all you can’t just build for one platform, you need to build for all four; iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.  Getting the app to the market is only the first step.  Going forward you’ll need to release constant updates to ensure your app stays compatible with the latest phones, is bug free, and has new features.  Key Ring is already a top shopping app for all 4 platforms with millions of users thus giving your brand instant distribution.
  3. Key Ring can power your app.  Leverage Key Ring’s campaign management tool to send offers to both your app as well as Key Ring through our API’s.
  4. Customer acquisition.  Key Ring is great place for consumers to discover new loyalty programs and instantly enroll.  Checkout how we helped On the Border enroll 40,000 people in less than 90 days using very little promotion or changes to store operations.
  5. Engagement.  Send offers, surveys and sweepstakes using Key Ring!  Then, leverage our sophisticated offer notification system to create awareness.

If you’re not already a Key Ring merchant partner, please feel free to reach out.  We’d love to learn more about your business to see if there’s a way we can help you meet your strategic mobile marketing goals.