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Making an offer available in a mobile app without notifying the consumer it’s available is like cooking dinner for 20 people and then forgetting to send an invitation.  Sure, your lonely neighbor may show up randomly and get a free meal, but most likely you’ll be eating alone.  If you rely on the consumer for self discovery of a mobile coupon you’re setting your offer campaign up for minimal results at best.  Think about it, your customer will have to first make a conscious decision to think about your brand, then open a mobile app, and then check to see if there are available coupons.  We’d all love to believe our customers think about us as much as we think about them, but sadly this just isn’t the case.  If a mobile app company pitches you on sending coupons through their platform without a messaging strategy, BEWARE!

5 ways Key Ring keeps your consumer up to speed with your latest offers:

  1. Push / Pull notifications. These notifications are sent directly to your customers phone.  They simply select the “View” button and can instantly view the offer you deployed less than a minute ago.
  2. Email notifications. Email works great for making consumers aware of new offers.  You can trigger an email alert to be sent with every offer you deploy.  The next iPhone (v5.2) and android (v5.1) app updates will allow your customers to select the offer via email which will then launch Key Ring on their phone if they viewed the email from their phone.  Selecting the offer from their computer will launch a web based view of the offer.
  3. In-app notifications. Considering Key Ring is the app of choice for managing all loyalty programs, the first thing a users sees when they open the app is a list of cards they’ve added or joined.  If an offer is available for a specific program an alert will be listed to the right.
  4. Online notifications. When your customer logs into the first thing they’ll be show is a dashboard that shows how many offers they have and list of expiring offers.
  5. Key Ring newsletter. Frequently we’ll send an email to all registered Key Ring users making them aware of all offers they currently have available in Key Ring.  These offers will also be directly link-able via version 5.1 of Key Ring on android and version 5.2 on iPhone.

Push / Pull notifications:

Email notifications:

In-app notifications:

Online notifications:

Key Ring newsletter.